A Student Guide to Study Abroad

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Studying abroad should be part of every college student's education. Every student who wants to succeed in the global economy should study abroad. And every student who is considering studying abroad should read this book! Packed with practical 'how to' information offered in a fun and engaging style, this valuable hands-on resource includes 100 easy-to-follow tips and dozens of real-life stories. Each chapter features useful quotes and anecdotes from a diverse collection of students, advisers and professionals from across the country. Three leading experts in study abroad join forces to offer the most comprehensive advice:

  • Before you go: Doing the research to choose the right program, figure out the financials, and prepare properly for your big adventure abroad
  • While abroad: Making the most of your time abroad by adapting to your new home, immersing yourself in the culture, and staying safe while having fun
  • When you return: Transitioning back to life in the States, networking with like-minded global souls, and showcasing your global growth and learning.

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