IIENetworker Magazine Spring 2019 - The Next 100 Years

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Join IIE as we celebrate our centennial year by looking towards the future of international education. In the Centennial Issue of the IIENetworker magazine, The Next 100 Years in International Education, we asked experts to explore the trends that will define international education through the themes of student mobility, access & equity, higher education in emergencies, scholars & innovation, and international partnerships. What will mobility mean when virtual reality is indistinguishable from physical travel? How will access & diversity be supported for international education professionals as much as it is for students? How are faculty leading the drive to make international experience an intrinsic part of higher education? This issue also explores how current events impacting international education are being addressed and features the 2019 IIE Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education winners and their best practices to create visionary programming. Read the digital edition.